Occupations that require the wearing of headgear, quite a lot, in particular, these include:

chef (Baker);
doctor (surgeon);
- Builder;
the seller;

Wearing the hats of the people in these professions there is a specific reason.

Caps, beanies

Cap or bandana chef is of great importance in ensuring the sterility of his workplace, because during the procedure of cooking from head chefs to food can get, like the hair, and this is unacceptable.

In the work of doctors of impeccable sterility plays an even greater role, so job descriptions require all hospital staff to wear caps or hats. Because healthcare workers are wearing hats almost all the working time, the requirements for their tailoring is very high, they need to be high quality, comfortable, do not fall from the head during the execution of the works, and the material should be airtight.
Through a variety of procedures or activities medical workers must wear hats.

To comply with hygienic requirements beanies are to be worn and sellers of food products.

The police, military headwear (caps or hats, depending on the time of year) are an integral part of the uniform. Just like flight attendants aircraft depending on the airline may wear caps or hats of various shapes.
Headdress beekeeper allows it to defend itself from the attacks of bees.


Helmets represent the means of individual protection. For example, soldiers have helmets help protect the head from shrapnel, shells and bullets, having little penetrating power. Helmets are for head protection from the category of persons whose work takes place in dangerous conditions (the builders, the miners, rescuers, cavers, firemen, etc.). The wearing of helmets when undertaking these works is determined by the safety requirements.

The builders, in order to avoid accidents it is necessary to wear on the head a helmet. Caps miners is equipped with a special flashlight, because people in this profession are constantly working under ground. Welders during work are required to wear a special helmet that helps to protect the head and face from sparks, and to preserve vision. Helmets firefighters are also part of the uniform, they help to protect the head from sudden shock and from fire.


Helmets are an essential attribute in the costumes of divers and astronauts, because these people's work in an environment where there is no oxygen, breathable. Helmets necessary for some athletes, motorcyclists, race car drivers.