Women should not be afraid to take the initiative in the relationship. Most men welcome the activity of the weaker sex. Of course, the initiative implies not "jump" into bed with the first comer, and confident positive communication, in which a woman is not afraid to Express their real thoughts.
To take the initiative in relationships, to become confident. This will contribute to a very well-groomed appearance. Slender body, beautiful hair, light makeup, smile - these arguments often prove to be more powerful than words, especially at the initial stage of the relationship.
Do not be shy to ask the man questions concerning his relations with women. It'll only encourage him to believe that it is regarded as a potential partner. He will definitely be interested in action girl and try to know her better.
Invite them to a restaurant or movie is not necessarily a man. A woman can say "I really want to go out, invite me in cafe." Most men would easily agree if they presented with wishes so and does not believe that a woman is trying to manipulate them.
To take the initiative is consciously. And to be sure that everything will work out and man can not refuse. And if they refuse, it will not bring special spiritual experiences.
Daring to be something the initiative is to listen to him. Whether causes this desire rejection. Never need to act "through the power". The decision taken against the will, is rarely true. Especially in the initiative is very important the right attitude - a positive answer can not be, she is not confident for real.