You will need
  • computer
The widespread opinion that the guy should be the first to take an interest in communication and to start to show signs of attention partly true. A man likes to feel like a leader, so your task is to play along with him.
Pay attention to themselves, but in an indirect way. For example, you can leave a note on the wall of the person with whom he maintains an active correspondence in the social network. Well, if this entry will be in tune with the tastes of your favorite guy: the song of his favorite band, a quote from the book listed in his interests, or a joke of the KVN team, the games where he's watching. The more specialised and unusual passion, and the more accurate your they hit, the more likely that the guy will want you to write and to become better acquainted.
Another way to attract attention to himself, in a social network is to join the group for updates which it follows. Become an active member: lead discussions, offer new, add files and photos. Passionate girls like boys and they want to communicate with them, and the probability to get bored, beginning with the introduction, with common interests is reduced to zero.
Even if you are not familiar with the guy, I can say he's on the page one of his latest records by pressing the button "I like". Or email original review to one of his photos. Don't be afraid to write compliments, but don't do too many of them. Remember, you are not adoring a person, and the girl, slightly concerned for further communication and hinting at the possibility of its beginning.
Taking the campaign to attract attention and campaign for the guy to write first, choose avatars for their cheerful and attractive photo. So you're exactly like him, and he wants to make the first move.