Before to reduce the hemoglobin to a child, contact the medical facility and get tested. Elevated hemoglobin can indicate the presence of serious diseases.
To reduce the hemoglobin is possible by means of proper nutrition. Many believe that large amounts of iron, promotes the formation of hemoglobinand is found in apples, pomegranates, buckwheat. In fact, the largest amount of iron present in meat products. So adjust menu of the child so that the meat it contained only dietary varieties and in the quantity not exceeding the rate necessary for full development. It is advisable to leave in the diet of only white meat. To compensate for the lack of protein is possible with the help of herbal products.
Give your child more salads of fresh greens that help to reduce the hemoglobin.
To normalize the level of hemoglobinin blood is possible with the help of Shilajit. The dosage depends on the age of the child. To ten years, let's not more than 0.05 g of the mummy in the day, from 10 till 14 years the dose increase to 0.1 g of Mumiye is taken at night for 10 days, then a break for 5 days and course guzzle again. Remember that for all the usefulness of Shilajit without consulting your doctor child it is better not to give. Only a specialist, observing the child, can give a clear recommendations about the permissibility of a particular method of treatment.