Advice 1: How to lower hemoglobin folk remedies

The result of the blood test showed that you have elevated hemoglobin? Do not despair and run to the pharmacy for drugs, in this case, great help, traditional medicine and the right diet. Hemoglobin increases during physical exertion and exercise, elevated hemoglobin is common in skiers, climbers and pilots.
Lower hemoglobin level folk ways.
You will need
  • - mummy,
  • - hirudotherapy (leeches),
  • - proper nutrition,
  • - water with lemon juice.
Great folk remedy for low hemoglobin is the mummy, which is mined in caves and rock crevices. Shilajit is readily soluble in water and has a large number of useful substances, which normalize the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Diluted in a glass of water (0.2 g). Shilajit and drink for the night. Take 10 days to do 5 days break and repeat the procedure. During treatment it is necessary to exclude alcoholic drinks and narcotic drugs.
To normalize the level of hemoglobin in the blood will help leeches (hirudotherapy). In the saliva of leeches contains special enzymes that not only regulate the level of hemoglobin, but also improve the composition of blood.
Also important is proper nutrition. Exclude from the diet of meat products (replace them with fish or other seafood – shrimp, squid, mussels and octopus), as well as red fruits and berries. Every day eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Your main meal should be porridge - buckwheat, oats, barley. Often eat a salad of fresh herbs.
Give blood as a donor, it promotes the production of new young blood. Using this method, the hemoglobin level should drop.
The easiest way to thin the blood is to drink plenty of fluids (filtered). You need to drink every day for three liters of water mixed with lemon juice for three months.
Well aspirin thins the blood and lowers the hemoglobin, but to use it in large quantities is not highly recommended.
Useful advice
Quite often, an elevated hemoglobin is common in smokers, so seriously think about how to quit Smoking and start to monitor their health.

Advice 2 : How to reduce hemoglobin folk remedies

Many diseases are diagnosed based on indicators of the level of hemoglobina, that is, normally it should be neither high nor low. High level of hemoglobin is an indicator of heart failure and other diseases.
How to reduce hemoglobin folk remedies
To determine the presence of increased hemoglobin in the blood is not so difficult. The person sleeps poorly and feels no matter the pressure. Sometimes there are even cases of loss of consciousness. You have to understand that not only a reduced level of hemoglobin is bad, but conversely, the bad condition of the blood if the hemoglobin is elevated, there is a danger to more complex diseases. Not worth the risk to try to heal, first consult a doctor, and after examination follow the prescribed treatment.
To use folk remedies for the reduction of hemoglobin can having ascertained that the reason for its increase is not in violation of the internal organs. The oldest method of reducing hemoglobin is hirudotherapy. Well-known ability of leeches to regulate the composition of blood, causing the hemoglobin to normal.
To thin the blood helps taking aspirin in small doses. Take a quarter aspirin a day.
Follow the diet, do not eat red meat, offal, cereal, red berries, and other products that increase the hemoglobin. Restriction of these products will lead to lowering of hemoglobin. The Foundation of your diet should be plant foods and fish. Eat seafood, they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that thin the blood. Additionally drink every day freshly squeezed juice, consisting of beets, carrots and green Apple for taste.
Effectively lowers the hemoglobin Shilajit is mined in Central Asia. This substance can perfectly dissolve in water and has a number of useful properties. Course mummy is not less than ten days. It is necessary to take one tablet Shilajit at night, after the first year to take a break for a week and repeat again. Alcohol intake and mummy not working.
An alternative way to lower the hemoglobin in the blood. Donate, give blood. Hemoglobin will be reduced, as would commence the development of young blood.

Advice 3 : How to treat elevated hemoglobin

As a rule, people may experience low hemoglobin – anemia. He rises as a result of alcoholism, genetic predisposition, etc. the deviation of the level of this index in blood from the norm in the big or smaller party require adjustments.
How to treat elevated hemoglobin
First, we should clarify that the hemoglobin is a protein contained in the cells-erythrocytes. It is one of the most important indicators in the blood. The rate for an adult ranges from 110 to 165 grams per liter of blood. In accordance with these indicators, the doctor can judge the state of human health.
We all know that reduced hemoglobin is evidence of a disease, such as anemia. And high indicators as a result of hypoxia, ie lack of oxygen. Usually this disease affects the inhabitants of large cities, alcoholics, smokers. Sometimes people suffer from this disease due to genetic predisposition.
Because of hypoxia the body is forced to produce more hemoglobin, so that he was looking for oxygen and then delivering it into cells. Increased hemoglobin makes the blood more viscous, it flows more slowly. As a result, can cause clots, therefore lowering the level of this indicator in the blood as soon as possible.
You should start with the diet, discuss it with your doctor. Emphasis should be made on reducing the consumption of animal protein, as part of hemoglobin is synthesized from them. That is from the diet, you should eliminate red meat, kidneys, liver.
It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of animal fats, e.g. butter. It is better to eat steamed food, it is a guarantee that the part of the fat left in the water in which they were boiled. Lack of protein in the diet can compensate for the consumption of legumes and meat chicken. Not to mention the benefits of fish and seafood. They contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Account for them the blood will become less viscous.
In addition to the diet needs to take medications - antiplatelet agents, which have to prescribe the doctor.
During treatment should avoid consumption of vitamins C, B2, B6, folic acid and copper.
If you follow all these recommendations, it is possible for a sufficiently short period of time to return the hemoglobin to normal, but next you need to adhere to the advice of professionals to avoid relapse.

Advice 4 : What are the risks of raising hemoglobin

Even very far from the medicine people know that low amounts of hemoglobin in the blood is unhealthy. Because then the body does not receive necessary quantity of oxygen, the problem starts with the metabolism. But not everyone knows that the elevated haemoglobin is also dangerous. To what negative consequences it may lead?
What are the risks of raising hemoglobin

Why the increase in hemoglobin can be dangerous to humans

If the hemoglobin content in the blood significantly higher than normal, the blood becomes more dense, viscous. Accordingly, hampered its passage through the vessels, which impairs the supply of oxygen to the body organs. In addition, the increased risk of blood clots, plaques. And this, in turn, may cause several cardiovascular diseases, including such serious as a heart attack or stroke.

With the increased hemoglobin, often have drowsiness, fatigue, tires quickly, which reduces its efficiency, it might be depression. Also it can decrease appetite, cause problems with vision, the reproductive system.
However, the inhabitants of the mountain regions, increased hemoglobin content in the blood is normal. So, how would kompensiruet lack of oxygen in the rarefied air.

An elevated hemoglobin may be one of the symptoms of diseases such as polycythemia (excessive production of red blood cells, red blood cells), hemolytic anemia, cholelithiasis, etc.

What are the methods to lower high hemoglobin

To reduce the level of hemoglobin in the blood, it is first necessary to make adjustments to your diet. Should be deleted from it (or at least significantly reduce) the consumption of foods rich in iron such as red meat, organ meats, red fruits and berries. In addition, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of animal fats, as they contribute to blood clotting.

There are several medical methods of reducing the level of hemoglobin. The most simple of them is taking certain blood thinners ("Aspirin", "Chimes", "Trental", "Cardiomagnyl").
Since any medication has contraindications, you need to first consult with your doctor.

Even in our days for low hemoglobin you can use the bloodletting method, very popular in former times. Of course, it should be done only in a medical facility. In the most severe cases you can also resort to the procedure of erythrophores – removal of excess erythrocytes from the blood. But this procedure has contraindications and a number of consequences. So before its implementation should carefully review all the details.
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