The oldest problem

Not to say that the size of the manhood only care about the modern representatives of the stronger sex. This issue was relevant at all times. In Ancient Rome there was even a popular saying in this regard: "one short sword, he will make it lunge forward." Have in mind that mastery of his instrument is more important than its size. If a man is able to last longer than others, and his erection strong and long enough, it will reach more than the owner of a large size, not able to control them.

In medieval Europe, men would try to embellish the size of their genitals as best they could. In those days there was a fashion for codpieces – garment, covered manhood. Still, you can see the codpiece on the portraits of the kings and nobles of the time. For example, this was particularly Henry VIII, who executed several of his wives. About him even said that his codpiece is in the hall before the king himself. Needless to say that the codpieces were made much larger than their contents, and the void was filled with wool for solidity.

What does the research say

Researchers from Boston University decided once and for all clarify this issue, conducted research on "Women's health". Some of its results will be of interest to many. After analyzing the responses of many women, doctors were finally convinced that it's the fairer half of humanity – this is thickness, not length. 71% of women agreed that men don't understand that length is a secondary factor.

The facts are that length of the vagina is usually from 7 to 12 cm, average 10 cm the Most sensitive area located on the first centimeters, so, theoretically, if a member longer than 12 cm, it can promise the problem. Besides, the inner part of the vagina is so insensitive that not every woman is able to feel touch.

But what women do is kept large, if the vagina is so small? The reason is that if health is all right, when excited to the tissues of the vagina gushing blood, and it gains the ability to stretch to accommodate the size of a member men.

However, gynecologists argue that when research is required to bring in tools of great length, almost all women experience discomfort or even pain. At the same complaining owners of large penises. If the penis is too long, often couples have to limit its imposition to the partner was not hurt. In ancient India, known for his monumental works on erotic themes, it was proposed to use a special ring that was worn on the penis to the man was easier to control the depth of insertion.

Therefore, we can conclude that to satisfy the girl, a member must have a length of about 10 cm. Everything else needs more men than women.

By the way, 98% of girls, according to the same survey said that careful attention excites them much more than the size of the penis partner.