Advice 1: What product is most iron

Iron – important trace mineral that is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. In the body iron is found in very small quantities, so not less than 1.5 mg it should daily come from food.
What product is most iron

Iron-rich foods

The question is, which product contains a lot of iron, especially interested in those who are suffering from anemia (lack of iron in the blood). Iron is part of many products, but absolute Champions on its contents are dried mushrooms. 100 grams of this product contains as much as 35 mg of iron. While white mushrooms are useful and fresh. They also contains large amounts of iron.

In the second place the molasses, it contains 19.5 mg of iron per 100 grams. These products are of plant origin. Among the products of animal origin can be identified pork liver. Its use will allow to quickly raise hemoglobin. 100 grams pork liver has 19 mg of iron. These products necessarily part of any diet aimed at increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood. They can truly be called leaders in iron content.

Iron in different foods

This essential trace mineral, like iron, contained in the seaweed and brewer's yeast. Its content in these products is 16 mg and 18 mg, respectively. It should be noted that iron is better absorbed from animal derivatives. Product where the most iron, may be less useful if the iron in the body, metabolized in a small proportion. For people suffering from low hemoglobin, very useful regularly eat caviar, seafood, meat of any kind, kidneys, lungs.

Among the products of plant origin it is better to give preference to cocoa, pumpkin seeds, beans, buckwheat, lentils, fresh mushrooms, blueberries, black currants, sesame seeds, halva. The only drawback to "plant" iron is its poor digestibility.

For those who prefer more fruits and vegetables, you can opt for cauliflower, almonds, strawberries, spinach, bananas, apricots, beets, apples and peaches. The amount of iron in these products varies from 5 to 10 mg per one hundred grams of the product.

To increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood will also help semolina, green onions, cantaloupe, potatoes, rice, barley groats. However, the content of iron in them is not so high – from 2 to 5.5 mg. These products are more suitable for maintaining iron levels in the body, that is, the prevention.

Eating iron-rich product with the aim of raising the level of this trace element in the body, you should limit the menu a number of dairy products. Because the calcium prevents the absorption of iron. At least one of iron-containing products should enter in the daily menu of any person.

Advice 2: What foods most iron

Iron in the human body is vital for successful blood, being part of important enzymes that provide cellular respiration and the body's defenses against free radicals. Its lack can lead to anemia or anemia as a cause of these diseases in 80% of cases. It is important to know which food is the item.
What foods most iron

Why the body iron

The rate of daily consumption of this element depends on the sex and age of the person. For example, an adult male needs to consume at least 9-10 mg of iron per day, while women because of menstruation – twice, about 18-20 mg per day.

More need to consume foods rich in iron, pregnant women and nursing. Commonly doctors recommend to increase the daily dose of this element to 30-35 mg as it is required for proper formation and further development of the fetus. During pregnancy the baby takes all the iron from the mother's body, which need to fill the accumulated deficit.

But pregnant women are not the leader in requirements of iron. In connection with the intensive growth and development that comes with much more difficulty for the body than in the womb, teenagers under the age of 19 years must receive a complete diet rich in iron. In this case the situation is complicated by the fact that only 20% of ingested element absorbed.

Foods high in iron content

In Soviet times it was believed that the best food, rich in iron, is a half-baked liver. But, according to the latest research by scientists and nutritionists, she stopped to take a lead in this rating, giving the first place to boiled veal. Adds advantages to the latest product that absorbed up to 90 per cent, respectively, of iron in the body gets much more.

Nutritionists in recent years urge their patients to abandon undercooked liver and other reasons. First, it has a high risk of the presence of larvae of parasites. And, secondly, the liver is the cleansing organ, which may accumulate toxins, salts and heavy metals, as well as the so-called "bad" cholesterol.

Rich in iron content and some types of seafood. For example, mussels and clams, 100 grams of which contained 25-30 mg of iron. Much less iron than meat and marine inhabitants, eggs (about 2-4 mg per 100 grams), fish (0.5-1 mg), milk and milk products (0.1-0.2 mg). The myth about benefits anemia has also been refuted recently.

In addition to meat, with a deficit of iron can be recommended the following products – various kinds of pulses (from 9 to 14 mg per 100 grams, depending on what it's beans), buckwheat (7-8 mg per 100 grams), wheat bran (12-14 mg), other cereals (4-7 mg). But the real champion among the similar products are mushrooms, in which the iron content up to 40 mg per 100 grams of dried product!
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