The first manifestation of heart attack will be tearing chest pain, radiating to upper abdomen, left arm or shoulder blade. Remember, if you have pancreatitis, seizures, which are similar to the symptoms of a heart attack. It may be that you have low back pain or intercostal neuralgia.
Think about you have asthma, because the lack of air – one of the symptoms like asthma and heart attack.
You may find that the pain has no relation to heart - don't be fooled. Pain when heart attack will not stop even at rest.
Stop all movements and sit down, leaning on the back of a chair or sofa. Do not try to lower your blood pressure by yourself.
Note the time after the start of pain. If it lasts longer than 30 minutes, take a nitroglycerin. Did not help – call the ambulance. Do not try to endure pain, nausea, shortness of breath or dizziness. The most effective assistance for forty minutes.
Try to stay calm. Don't go nervous and not make any sudden movements. Drink to calm valokordin.
The hospital will insist that you took the cardiogram. Only then we can confidently diagnose a heart attack.
After the heart attack, try to limit physical activity. But it is useful exercise to reduce the risk of complications. The complex of exercises to develop the expert.
This disease is not the beginning and the end of a long degenerative illness atherosclerosis. It develops imperceptibly for the person. Periodically determine the degree of risk of getting a heart attack medical examination, are under the supervision of a physician.
Monitor blood pressure, cholesterol levels in the blood, remove the electrocardiogram. These parameters can be corrected by lifestyle change or medications.