One of the most common problems faced by the farmers engaged in the cultivation and breeding of cattle is an upset stomach from their charges, or simply diarrhea. The cause of stomach disorders in cows often becomes dysbiosis, poisoning, an allergic reaction to food ingredients or veterinary medicines. But it can be a sign of more serious health problems of the animal, so veterinarians do not recommend self-medication. And even more correct method of dealing with manifestations of diarrhea is preventing the observance of certain rules in feeding the animal. The diet of cattle must be rich in fiber and supplemented with vitamin-mineral complexes.

First aid for indigestion in cows

How to treat indigestion in cows and that was his reason, can determine only by a qualified technician. At the first signs of diarrhea in the animal, you must call a veterinarian. Before his arrival, you need to take preliminary measures, that is, to eliminate the dehydration, transfer the animal to a separate cost or facility to eliminate the spread of the disease in case of its infectious origin. The place for keeping cows for the period of treatment and rehabilitation should always be clean, dishes regularly cleaned of food residues, excrements immediately removed.

What drugs are used to treat diarrhea in cows

After examining the animal and determine the severity of the disease, the vet prescribed drugs, determines the duration of treatment and gives recommendations on the content of cow and her diet during this period.

For elimination of parasites as causes of indigestion, can be recommended to use drugs such as "Fasciole" or "Dicrocoeliosis".

Various allergic reactions are reduced with the help of the veterinary form of "Tavegilum, Diazolinum or Suprastinum".

A very common cause of diarrhea in cows becomes a sharp transition from one food to another. In such cases vets usually recommend isolating the animal and to return him to the usual diet. After reducing the symptoms of the disorder, the animal gradually translate into another feed, but separated until complete recovery.

In addition to the drugs recommended by the expert, is also of great importance that the animals be taken care of. The cow during these periods needs constant attention, it is important to track all the changes in her behavior, General condition and, if necessary, call a physician immediately.