You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Undo the last committed action. To do this, select in the main application menu item "Edit". In the opened drop-down menu click on the item whose title begins with the word "Undo". The name of this item consists of the word "Undo" followed by the name of the last applied instrument or of the act. So you can always see what the operation will be canceled. Instead of selecting the specified menu item, you can press Ctrl+Z. it Should be remembered that this operation produces only one cancel the last action. When you re-select the same menu item or pressing Ctrl+Z, a cancelled operation will be retried.
How to cancel <b>action</b> <strong>photoshop</strong>
Cancel several successive actions. In the main menu, select "Edit" and then "Step Backward". Do this several times. Instead of selecting a menu item, you can press the key combination Alt+Ctrl+Z. the undo will occur sequentially, in the reverse order of their making. Will be cancelled only actions performed in relation to the current image. Actions such as color choices or brush will not be cancelled.
How to cancel <b>action</b> <strong>photoshop</strong>
Cancel the action group in a single click. Open the list of change history of the image. To do this, click on the "History" tab in the pane on the right. In the list the change history contains a number of points about which actions that have occurred over the image. Scroll up. Locate the item that shows the actionthat you want to return. Click on the selected item.
How to cancel <b>action</b> <strong>photoshop</strong>