You will need
  • - putty or grout,
  • retouching pencil or marker
  • - furniture wax
  • - a fine-grained emery paper,
  • - rubber spatula
  • Lac.
In house conditions it is possible to remedy the defect in the form of scratches or chipping on the painted wooden door. First of all, thoroughly clean the site of injury and partially remove the coating in the scratches. Then make actions to repair the tree using a special grout or putty. Before applying the protective layer should abrade the surface. It remains only to put the color toning for wood material (to even the color of the reconstructed surface with the basic color of the door) and a protective coating of varnish.
Today there are many tools that are able to disguise small scratches and restore the original appearance of the door. It is possible to do with a retouch pencil or marker, permanent colored enamel and quick-drying nitrocellulose lacquer in spray form. Deeper scratches on wood doors can be easily removed with the help of a furniture repair wax. Fortunately there is a large selection of hard and soft waxes, with a variety of colors and wonderful penetrating deep scratches.
Slightly moisten the scratches on the door with cloth or sponge and treat the damage fine-grained sandpaper. Apply the polishing wax on the cleaned surface. For this, you only need to warm up a bit and push in a scratch or a chip, remove the excess with a rubber spatula (so as not to damage the door even more). The application of wax with a soft cloth, RUB until the appearance of the characteristic Shine. If required, coat the door with varnish (if the door is varnished).
It should be noted that time that the restored site is quite difficult to varnish so that not visible the boundary between the new and the old coating. It is recommended to use butreally varnishes or cover the whole door with varnish. Nitrocellulose lacquer spray in particular forms a kind of halo and is resistant to atmospheric influences.