Conventional paneled interior doors beautiful, elegant, but has high cost. You can restore any door under simulated panels. This is a very quick and easy way to update interior doors. With the help of wooden splints, you can disguise almost any damage. The number of plates, the location and color should be selected according to the General design of the apartment.
For work need to stock up on sheets of plywood, profiled rails, furniture glue, acrylic gel, lacquer furniture in yellow and white colors, primer and brushes. Also will need the tool. Using ordinary plywood and the profiled rails you can turn the door leaf in a classic and elegant "a panel".
Before you start work on restoration of old doors, you need the canvas to mark the location of decorative items. Also zakruglenie file the edges of the plywood panels, which will produce simulated panels. Apply glue on them. Wait a little and attach decorative elements to marked for their places on the canvas. It is recommended to nail them with small nails.
When restoration is necessary to process edges of the plywood linings. For this purpose it is best to use acrylic gel. Eventually get their smooth transition to the door leaf. The spout of the tube attach to the edge and squeezing out the mass, put it around the perimeter.
The profiled rail must be cut at an angle of 45°. To do this, use a mitre box and a hacksaw with fine teeth. You can then kill markings on the rails, greased with glue. Pay attention to the joints. If there are cracks, fill voids with acrylic mass. Perform all work in disposable gloves. Thus you will protect yourself from various kind of damage.