Advice 1: How to remove a scratch on the top

If the worktop has been scratched, do not hurry to buy a new one. Minor surface damage can be removed independently, without expending significant financial resources.
You will need
  • - Dense fabric;
  • Paste The Goyim;
  • - Epoxy adhesive;
  • - Hot air gun;
  • - Silicone spray.
If the countertop surface there are shallow scratches, to get rid of them will help the GOI paste made of chromium oxide. First, carefully wash the counter tops and wipe dry. Wash the countertop from contamination is required before any way to remove the scratches! A small amount of paste put on a piece of thick woolen cloth and RUB the injured area. RUB the paste for 15 minutes. After that, the top would again assume its original appearance.
Deep scratches on the countertop will require more thorough processing. It is recommended to use epoxy or any glue used for joining the surface of the countertop. Pre-glue mixed with paint, achieving the precise shade corresponding to the color of the furniture. Glue apply on the scratch and wait until it dries. Only after that proceed to grout the surface with a hard material. You can use felt.
Damage that have appeared on the plastic tabletop, often fix with hot air gun. The surface is heated and polished with felt. Before trying to remove scratches on the countertop the heat, it is advisable to practice on old plastic items to "fill the hand".
Another way to remove scratches on the table top, using silicone sprays designed for polishing the front of the car. Spray treat the entire surface, aiming to make the coating uniform.
Even if the scratch is on the table after attempts to resolve continues to be evident, it is possible to make the shortage a feature of the design. Apply to the surface several scratches, giving it the structure of specially made figure. Then cover the surface with lacquer and buff to a Shine. Thus, it is possible to create a work of art.
Without proper skill it is better not to use heat plastic countertops for smoothing its surface. The lack of experience with the gun can lead to deformation of the tabletop.
Useful advice
Do not use polishing products to cover scratches if the table top is made of frosted material. In this case, the treated surface will be pale, strongly standing out from the crowd.

Advice 2: How to get rid of scratches on furniture

Wooden furniture is loved and appreciated for its natural beauty and luster, but the ugly marks and scratches can ruin the appearance. There are several ways of getting rid of the flaws on such an expensive to your heart the piece of furniture.
How to get rid of scratches on furniture
You will need
  • Soft furniture wax, plastic spatula, knife, dry and wet clean cloth, wet gauze, iron, walnut or Brazilian walnut, or Tung oil, furniture bar, varnish.
To get rid of scratches on furniture from MDF or chipboard furniture use a soft wax. It is designed for repairing cracks, scratches, chips and dents to hardwood and laminate surfaces. Wax can be purchased at specialty hardware stores. Pick the desired color.
Apply the repair composition method of rubbing on the damaged surface. If you have formed a stone chip on the furniture or deep scratch, take the knife, cut a small piece of the wax and fill in the chip. The excess gently remove with a plastic spatula, and after that buff the damage of a dry felt cloth.
Several companies produce special polishes designed to Polish wooden furniture and mask scratches and blemishes. Varnish are available in different shades, among which there is a suitable tree for any breed and color. Pick the closest color to the wood of your furniture. As rubbing the varnish into the surface scratches and worn areas of the polishing will become the color of the rest of the surface.
You can buy a special tool to fill in scratches on furniture - bar furniture. Shake the furniture a touch before application, put in 1-4 layers, depending on the severity of the damage to the surface. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes and remove excess with a clean damp cloth.
Small scratches on the furniture made light wood, you can hide, wiping the scratched place the pulp of a walnut or Brazil nut. The nut is pre-cut and wait for 1-2 minutes to drain peanut butter.
In order to match the repaired surface color, also often use vegetable or Tung oil. This method works especially well on wood furniture, light pine and similar wood naturally darken under direct sunlight.
Apply oil, let it soak into the wood and, if necessary, if the surface is still not dark enough, repeat the procedure. After applying three layers, before applying the subsequent, leave the furniture to stand the night so that the oil penetrated deeper into the wood.
Minor scratches and chips can be overcome by means of steam. Apply a damp cheesecloth, folded in 3-4 layers, to place the chip and press it with a hot iron. Catching steam penetrates into the wood and expands on it, hiding the damage. Infinitely, the tree will not expand, so the big chips to get rid of the defect will not work. And the most important: first make sure to try this method on some inconspicuous part of the furniture.
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