You will need
  • - Dense fabric;
  • Paste The Goyim;
  • - Epoxy adhesive;
  • - Hot air gun;
  • - Silicone spray.
If the countertop surface there are shallow scratches, to get rid of them will help the GOI paste made of chromium oxide. First, carefully wash the counter tops and wipe dry. Wash the countertop from contamination is required before any way to remove the scratches! A small amount of paste put on a piece of thick woolen cloth and RUB the injured area. RUB the paste for 15 minutes. After that, the top would again assume its original appearance.
Deep scratches on the countertop will require more thorough processing. It is recommended to use epoxy or any glue used for joining the surface of the countertop. Pre-glue mixed with paint, achieving the precise shade corresponding to the color of the furniture. Glue apply on the scratch and wait until it dries. Only after that proceed to grout the surface with a hard material. You can use felt.
Damage that have appeared on the plastic tabletop, often fix with hot air gun. The surface is heated and polished with felt. Before trying to remove scratches on the countertop the heat, it is advisable to practice on old plastic items to "fill the hand".
Another way to remove scratches on the table top, using silicone sprays designed for polishing the front of the car. Spray treat the entire surface, aiming to make the coating uniform.
Even if the scratch is on the table after attempts to resolve continues to be evident, it is possible to make the shortage a feature of the design. Apply to the surface several scratches, giving it the structure of specially made figure. Then cover the surface with lacquer and buff to a Shine. Thus, it is possible to create a work of art.