You will need
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - diesel, kerosene, soap, water;
  • - power tools;
  • - string for cutting glass;
  • - the axe.
Take a sharp knife - it could be a Shoe, hunting or the usual kitchen knife of good steel. Can also use with a knife Assembly for cutting linoleum, but note the restriction in the length of the blade - it will fit only for the rubber of small thickness.
Stretch tires or just a fold in the place where you are going to cut. If you're going to cut the tire, hold her leg so the cut edges are clamped blade of a knife.
Start cutting the rubber, thus holding up the place that will be cut. In order for the knife went easily, dampen it with soapy paste, made from boiled in soap water. If pasta is not at hand, use for lubricating kerosene, diesel fuel, soap or plain water.
Large and thick rubber cut with a hacksaw with a fine blade, while moisten it with diesel fuel or kerosene.
To expedite the process, use a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, jigsaw, grinder. Be careful with this, because in unskilled hands cutting power tools can be dangerous. Secure the rubber, be sure to stretch or bend the blade, otherwise the blades just get stuck in it.
For easy and a notched rubber cutting machine use the string to cut glass or a special cutter, so you can even cut the extra tread in the tires (to increase permeability). Before cutting be sure to wash your tires and pay attention to correct adjustment of the current.
Well if you know how to use an axe, try the rubber hack, this method is suitable even for thick dense rubber. To do this, pull her into a powerful block, mark cut lines and a good sharp axe will cut it. It is important not to miss.