You will need
  • - Board, trimming of wood building materials;
  • - screws or other fastenings;
  • - a few pieces of rebar for the frame;
  • - a few tires;
  • one Bicycle tire;
  • - paint and brush.
Make from pieces of rebar frame the future of crafts. For this four pins hammer into the ground in places where it is supposed to set the feet of the donkey, in the area of the trunk of their better bonding among themselves. So it turns out a stable basis for further work.
Cut in half one of the big tires. Attach it to the legs-armaturinami round down – this will be the body of a donkey. To make the donkey back, from the other tires cut a long strip and lay it on an inverted half, and fasten it tightly.
Make the donkey's head – use the other half of the tyre. It should be fixed in the desired position, attaching one end to represent a neck, and torso. You can arrange the harness so that it supported his head.
The legs of the donkey of the fittings look ugly – obtyanite their bike tires. Pieces of rebar to make so that the legs look more natural.
Adorn song for more details – it helps to revitalize it and adds more realism. From pieces of tyre cut the ears, tail donkey, stick them in the right places.
You can hitch the donkey to the cart. To do this, from pieces of wood make a harness, curved semi-circle piece of rubber from the tires will fit as the clamp. Fabricate a pair of wheels from the boards or take the real – from the broken bike, cars.
Seal between a block of two sticks is the easiest option in order to mimic the shafts and the cart. Fasten one side of the resulting structure on the standing donkey, and the other – lock on ground. On both sides of the bar have wheels.
The cart itself is very easy to make a tyre. Put the tire on the bar between the wheels. If you make it to the bottom, you can pour into the earth and plant flowers – it will mean that the donkey carries a flower bed. To make an improvised composition brighter and more natural, color the finished garland in any color.