You will need
  • - regroover
When cutting the tires, use only certified equipment with electric heated cutting blade. Before starting work, inspect the tire and find its suitability for recovery. Detection of significant damage of rubber – cracks, cuts, tears, tread – brakuje her. Working with such a bus is possible only after elimination of the revealed defects.
Make sure you have labels "regroovable" on the sidewall of the tyre. It means that the tyre is suitable for cutting. Otherwise, do not use this rubber. On many models of tires use indicators slicing, which allows to determine the correct depth and the exact time when the need for it has come.
Measure the depth of the tread to the repaired tyre in the rundown place. For quality cutting of medium depth treadmill should be 4-5 mm, minimum 3 mm. If the wear is not uniform, perform cutting so as to ensure the preservation of thickness under the tread 3 mm after completion of the work.
Remove the tire from the disk. Make sure there is no damage to the tire at its inner sealing layer. Remove protector from the rocks and foreign objects. If necessary, guide fixing grooves.
Cutting of the tread pattern do the original, which should be visible at least partially on the selected tire. Pay special attention to the correct installation of the cutter on regroover.
To calculate the depth of the cutter, measure the remaining groove depth in the most superficial point. Fold the minimum remaining tread depth and the maximum depth of cut recommended for this tire. Usually the last parameter is 3-4 mm. According to the obtained result set the cutter to desired depth.
After cutting, make sure the bus was not damaged in the process of the work. Make sure bracerie belt under the tread part not exposed in any place.
Restored regravaram tire set on any axis. But, according to the generally accepted opinion, on the front axle use new tires, restored and put on the rear axle or the trailer axle.