You will need
  • Old tire or the tire with the disc, chalk, a sharp knife or jigsaw, brushes, paint.
Take an old tire or the wheel. Put it on the ground. A chalk mark on the tire closer to the wheel rim, the future picture of the region. It can be wavy petals, a zig-zag line or triangular cutouts.
With a sharp knife cut a tire on the planned line. Get ready to put a lot of effort. A knife to cut the rubber, especially in places where in the lid is a metal cord. The camera can throw it for pot is not required.
Turn the tire inside out. It is also not an easy job. Need and feet and hands. Smooth inner side of the tyre will be face vase. It is flat and smooth.
If you are not one tire, but with the disk, the vase will stand. The place where there were little petals rubber is stand.
Degrease the outside of the pot. The resulting color vase in the color of your garden design. It is better to choose light shades. The soil in the bright pots are less prone to overheating.
Fill the vase fertile land. Add organic matter, fertilizer, or use the special soil for container plantings. If the vase only tires, podstolice under her leaky material (spanbond, agril). It will not allow the weeds to germinate.
Plant flower seedlings in a vase. Over mulch the ground under the colors of peat moss, small stones or bark. This is when watering will not allow the earth to stain the pot.