You will need
  • - tires;
  • - Mel;
  • - sharp thin knife;
  • water;
  • jig - saw for metal;
  • - circular saw;
  • - white spirit;
  • paint.
Pick a good tire from a passenger car, preferably without reinforcement. The thinner is the material, the easier it will be to turn and look, this product will be smoother. Protector is better to choose a straight line, and not semicircular.
Wash the tire, clean out the stones from the tread and put a marking with chalk. Try to make a symmetrical picture, you can even cut a template out of cardboard.
To get pot, with one hand in a circle, apply a zigzag line, stepping back a little from the edge. The result should be cut a narrow ring with teeth.
To make the palm leaves, we draw three tangents to the inner diameter of the hole. As a result, the wheel will be divided into three parts. Then give it straight toothed shape, the leaves become more interesting. After a cut nail leaves 6 pieces on the trunk of the tree.
To Swan by making the following markup. At the end of the tire , draw a long neck ending with a head and beak. Total neck length of about 50 cm In the place where the end of the beak, draw a forked tail in inverted M (nose neatly fits into the Central hollow). The length of the beam M letters of about 15-20 cm In internal diameter on both sides along the length of the neck draw the line 5-6 cm from the edge. It will be approximately half the diameter of the tires.
Start to cut the tire. First, pierce a hole narrow with a sharp knife, then cut and paste it. To reduce the resistance, from time to time dip it in the water. If the tire you found a cord, with metal inserts, saw the figure of a fret saw, sawing metal. In a pinch, you can use a circular saw.
Turn the product inside out. To do this, stand in the center and with your hands try to pull over the far side of the tires. Use hand tools – pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver and others. First, remove one side, flatten a tire in a narrow oval, then Unscrew it the rest.
Shapes of old tyres again wash, degrease with white spirit or other medium and paint.