You will need
  • Portable compressor for pumping of wheels, pliers, knife, repair kit tubeless tire, Jack, wheel key, special wheel device for fixing the car when lifting with a Jack.
The car must be installed on the Parking brake to lock its position of recoil device, raise the Jack and remove the wheel.
Carefully inspect the wheel for detecting the puncture site. Most often, the puncture pretends to be sticking out of the tread by a foreign object (nail head or screw, a piece of glass) that you want to delete with the help of packagebut.
Just how to seal a tubeless tyre
Applied to the awl with screw tip a few drops of glue. Then the awl to dip into the puncture hole, to produce 7-10 reciprocating movements of the tool and leave it in the hole.
Just how to seal a tubeless tyre
Insert a strip of raw rubber in the awl and needle slot, to both sides was equal parts strip and cover it with a thin layer of glue.
Removing the awl from the screw tip from the puncture and quickly inserted in its place the tool with a strip of raw rubber so that the outside of the tire left the tails long, 1 - 1.5 cm.
Just how to seal a tubeless tyre
Pull the awl back out of the hole. Folded double strip of rubber will remain in the hole.
Just how to seal a tubeless tyre
Cut with a knife protruding ends of the rubber, the pump wheel to the working pressure and installed on the car.