To correct a gradual transition from one compound to another more suitable for your child, you should adhere to certain rules. First you need to determine the daily rate of the mixture, which is consumed by your child, and the number of feedings per day. If the child eats, for example, seven times a day, the transition to the new blend will be made within seven days.
On the first day of the first feeding you produce an ordinary mixture, but the second feeding already new that you have selected for the child. Important: carefully follow the child and watch the reaction of his body to a new mixture. The child should feel relaxed. Make sure that the child is not experiencing pain in the tummy that there is no allergic reaction, diarrhea or constipation.
On the second day (provided that the child's body responded well to the first feeding new mix) let the new mixture in the second feeding, and also in the fourth.
On the third day you replace it with a new mixture of the second, fourth and sixth feeding. Every day the introduction of the new mix must pay attention to the reaction of the organism of the child.
With the successful introduction of new mixes and a good response to it, the fourth day of transition start with the new mix, also leaving her for the second, fourth and sixth feedings.
On the fifth day of transition, give your child a new mixture and a third feeding. Therefore, the morning feeding will already be translated into the new mixture.
On the sixth day, the final, all the feeding, except for the fifth, you need to make a new mixture.
On the seventh day, your child will receive all the feeding only the new mixture. This simple scheme of transition from the old to the new mix will help you correctly and quickly switch from one mixture to another, more suitable your child.