When making decisions about supplementation make sure that the child really is not enough milk. The signs pointing to this include: lack of increase in child's weight, rare (less than 6 times per day) urination toddler with dark color urine and its quite a strong smell. Normal baby's urine is very light and almost no smell.
Measure the amount of breastmilk your baby is sucking during feeding. This can be done by weighing the baby before feeding into the diaper or diaper, and then in the same diaper after feeding. This should not change a wet diaper or a diaper that the kid peed in the period between the weighings, dry.
Decemlineata baby milk formula in the case when measurements showed that the required amount of breast milk for breastfeeding the child receives. The average amount of consumption of milk at one feeding baby a certain age and weight check with the pediatrician or refer to the relevant tables.
Decemlineata baby only after breastfeeding, and only from a spoon. Otherwise, not being too hungry, the child after receiving the compound can refuse the breast, and the supplementary feeding from a bottle will do you prefer a light saturation from the hole of the bottle nipples, not sucking milk from mom's breast.
Enter the milk mixture into the child's diet gradually, starting with 10 ml in one feeding, gradually day by day doubling the amount of supplementary feeding, bringing to the desired volume. If supplementation is required several times a day, every day, you can enter no more than one additional supplementary feeding.
Prepare a mixture in accordance with the recommendations given in its preparation – they are listed by the manufacturer on the box or jar with the milk mixture.