You will need
  • - infant formula;
  • - bottle for baby food.
If possible, prepare weaning in advance. Most often this situation occurs when the mother should return to work after a certain period of time. Well, if I can stretch the process of weaning at 3 to 4 weeks. A smooth transition will help avoid unnecessary stress. Gradually reduce breastfeeding. First remove when you have less than whole milk. Keep this schedule of 4 – 5 days, then replace another feeding. Do it so that breast and artificial alternated. After 4 to 5 days repeat the replacement feeding according to the same scheme. If you want a full transition to artificial feeding, continue to do so until we rule out breast milk from the diet. If this is not necessary, you can go for a partial artificial feeding, maintaining your schedule of breast feeding when possible.
If the possibility of gradual transition there, pay special attention to ensuring that the child does not feel abandoned. More take him in my arms, talk, Pat. Attract daddy. It is better that the first bottle he gave or any of the relatives. Perhaps in this case, the baby is easier to agree a replacement as my mother had been associated with breast-feeding.
One of the most important aspects: the quality of the mixture. It is important that it does not cause allergies in the child and meet all his nutritional needs. Make sure you consult your pediatrician. The doctor, watching the baby since birth and knows his body will be able to give you the best advice on the selection of the new supply.
Watch your weight of the child and amount of urination. This will help to understand whether the established schedule of artificial feeding. Normally the day should be about 12 urination. If they more or less need to change the dosage of food. This should be done only after consultation with the pediatrician.
The transition from breast to artificial feeding can be difficult not only for babybut for mom. In some cases, the breast may arise seal and soreness. When the first symptoms massage your Breasts and Express some milk to relieve the pain. But not Express everything, or again will stimulate its production.