What is a reflux baby formula

Antireflux called special milk product, the properties of which significantly reduce the amount of regurgitation. Reflux the mixture has a thicker consistency compared to the consistency of standard products feeding, and can also thicken right in the stomach. Thickener it is the gum of the carob tree, which is a dietary fiber of natural origin, swelling in the acidic gastric environment and thickening the stomach contents.
Feeding antireflux mixture is often used as an additional method of treatment of persistent regurgitation.

Protein in antireflux mixtures represent an unmodified whey proteins and casein with optimal ratio, therefore such a product cannot be called hypoallergenic. Compared with standard formula milk, antireflux diet slightly reduced lactose content, and some similar products with the gum even contain starch. - Reflux the mixture is not recommended for permanent or long-term (more than two or three months) of using, as the gum slows the absorption of nutrients. Pediatricians suggest to replace it with half of the total baby food.

The choice of antireflux mixtures

Antireflux formulas such as "nutrilak", "Prisovo" and "Babushkino Lukoshko" contain in its composition prebiotics, gently stimulating the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Products "Gerber" does not contain nucleotides, but they contain live Lactobacillus prevents development of dysbacteriosis in children. Antireflux formulas "Enfamil AR", "NAN-antireflûks", "Lemolad" and "Celia AR" dokozagexaenova and contain arachidonic fatty acid, which is essential for vision and nervous system.
- Reflux the mixture is not desirable to mix with the standard dairy food,even from the same manufacturer in one bottle.

Kids who are prone to allergies and problems with digestion, you should buy antireflux formulas "Nutrilon-Komfort" and "NAN-antireflûks". Baby food "Lemola" has the highest number of components per 1 liter of the mix, and a bit of citric acid in its composition, which quickly and well storageway protein in the stomach and prevents regurgitation after feeding. If the child requires live bifidobacteria, it will be able to get them out of the antireflux formulas "Celia AR" and "Enfamil".