For a start, consult your pediatrician. Only he has information about the health of your child and the characteristics of the organism. Illiterate approach to the selection of the mixture can lead to indigestion your baby and allergic reactions.
Recommend buying this product if:- he gladly eats it;
- the skin is clean;
stool normal;
- the baby feels good, not naughty, active, normally develops and grows.
The mixture is not good for the baby, if:- the child became restless;
- skin rash or redness;
- started having problems with digestion and gastrointestinal – vomiting, bloating, colic, gases;
- the child is constantly in arrears in weight.
If such a reaction appeared at acquaintance with a new product, do not rush to transfer the child to another mixture. The kid's body need to adapt about 2-3 days. After a few days the unpleasant symptoms have passed? Then you need to talk to a specialist and continue the selection of food.
The result of careful selection and mixture of proper feeding should be the wellbeing of the child and development and age-appropriate. Don't forget to introduce a new product to be gradual, any mixture start to give in small amounts, carefully watching the condition of the child.