Imagine the situation: your kid is fine eating the mixture for several months. But suddenly there are alarming signals that indicate that the mixture needs to change. They will serve the expressed allergic reactions; the child reaches the age when you need to move on to another stage of breastfeeding; the need to enter the mix with special curative effect; and, conversely, the transition from therapeutic mixture to normal.
How to change <strong>mix</strong>
Quite often, children who are on artificial feeding appoint medical compounds. They are intended typically for premature babies; babies with allergies; those born with low birth weight; children with food intolerance and children suffering from regurgitation. They are usually assigned to a pediatrician.
If necessary, the change of power occurred, we must act. To begin to explore the information for other compounds. Maybe the kid needed more light or, conversely, more satisfying mixture. If there is a need for healing, then read everything related to your existing illness. Careful selection of the information before the change of power in a child will help avoid unpleasant surprises in the process of changing foods. And, of course, must comply with the rules of transfer of the child to the other mixture.
How to change <strong>mix</strong>
Immediately, simultaneously transfer the child to the new mixture you should not. Otherwise there will be problems with the tummy - the appearance of cramps, bloating. The ideal scheme of the change of mixture is as follows: in the first day of the 10 grams of the new mixture is given once, on the second day have 20 grams 2 times a day, the third day of 30 grams 3 times a day. And in 5 days you need to enter up to 50 grams at a time. The transition only to the new mix takes approximately 7 days.
How to change <strong>mix</strong>