Baby formula for newborns

If the need for artificial feeding arose immediately after birth, the doctor usually advises the adapted formula. Its main advantage is that it is demineralized whey, making the food easily digestible. The perfect mix for babies to be composed of light albumin and globulin in the proportions as close to breast milk. The amount of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals gives you the opportunity to consider the following mixture is very useful for the baby.

It often happens that the adapted mixes contain additional components that improve digestion and enhance nutritional quality. It can be bifidobacteria, lysozyme, lactulose, taurine and others. All these elements allow the baby to develop properly and gain weight. Most often these mixtures are marked with the number "1" or the package indicates age 0 to 6 months". For example, these included "NAN", "Nutrilon-1", "Pre-hippies", "nutrilak from 0 to 6 months, "Ecomil-1", "Agusha-1", "Pitti".

Also present on the market less adapted mixes which contain milk protein casein, which is digested much more slowly the child's body. But they are missing a demineralized milk serum, so they cannot be a substitute for quality of breast milk. Such mixtures are the most appropriate be after the baby turns 6 months. However, this mixture is more nutritious. For this reason, they feed the children who are not able to withstand the intervals between feedings more than three hours. Their composition is also taurine, bifidus, etc. these include "Similac", "impress", "Enfamil", "Nestožen".

Specialized mixes for a newborn

After the birth between mother and baby formed a relationship. This contributes to changes in the composition of breast milk depending on baby's needs. With mixtures of such a balance is very difficult to achieve, so manufacturers produce mixes for children with various health problems. Prevention is a hypoallergenic mixture for infants containing hydrolysed protein svarochnogo for feeding kids with allergies to cow's milk protein, such as nutrilak hypoallergenic", "NAN hypoallergenic". There are also hypoallergenic medical compounds, which are selected strictly individually, on the recommendation of a pediatrician.

Children with anemia are appointed by a special mixture with high content of iron - "Similac with iron, "Enfamil with the iron." They are usually administered after the child reaches the age of three, because only in this period, the iron begins to fully absorb. Among kids with impaired digestion due to lactose intolerance is a very popular blend containing the soy protein is a bona-Soya" or "Nutri-Soy". They also selected a pediatrician. A signal that the food needs to be revised will be constipation, poor tolerance or rejection of the child from the bottle.

A huge role to play for baby milk formulas. They contain bifidobacteria, which are beneficial for the intestines. After birth, your baby's digestive tract is gradually colonized by bacteria. But it happens that the balance of good and bad bacteria is disturbed, to improve the condition of the child in this case will help "NAN sour-milk" and "Bifidus". Most often they are assigned after six months.

The choice of the mixture for a newborn

Before to transfer the baby to artificial feeding, parents should assess all the advantages and disadvantages of this decision. It is best to choose the mixture together with your pediatrician, he will help you choose a mixture on the basis of possible risk factors, age and weight of the baby, its development and the state of the digestive system. Often the most suitable formula is selected by trial and error, because a body of each baby is individual. It may cause allergies, rashes, colic or constipation. All of this suggests that the mixture needs to be changed.

The true criterion chosen is a mixture of normal physical and mental development of the baby. Any deviations from the norm should be discussed with specialists-gastroenterologists. They will identify the cause and choose the most acceptable for your baby food.

To avoid fakes, purchase a mixture only in large specialized stores.