Know that all infant formula are divided into liquid, dry, fresh and sour milk, adapted and non-adapted. The mixture is usually added a variety of vitamins and minerals, they even have a therapeutic effect on kids.
Don't forget that the choice of the mixture for feeding the baby must take place on the basis of recommendations of a pediatrician. The fact that the choice of a mixture is largely determined by such factors as the child's condition (e.g., allergies, donoshennosti baby, etc.).
Don't count on the fact that the baby immediately begins to eat your chosen blend. If he is reluctant to consume it in food or completely refuses to eat, then want to try another blend. But keep in mind that the transition from one mixture to another can cause a child's upset stomach, vomiting, anxiety and deterioration of health.
Pick the milk mixture to your baby in strict accordance with the age, because in 3 months the baby needs the presence of some trace elements and vitamins, and 8 additional to the previous one, since the baby is in a constant state of growth and development.
Keep in mind when buying the expiration date of the mixture for power. In addition, learn what caused the manufacturer on the label: ingredients and preparation instructions. All this information will help you understand how a quality product in front of you.
Buy this blendthat is not only rich in minerals and vitamins, but also have additional actions, for example, contains good bacteria and strengthens the immune system of the child.
Keep in mind when selecting a mixture for feeding an infant any disease. So with anemia, select a mixture with a high content of iron. But if your baby has digestion problems, it will help him cope with it dairy mixture.
Keep in mind that if you are breastfeeding and you finish with a mixture ofW, then, most likely, the baby will soon want to take the breast, how to suck from a bottle with a nipple-child is easier - requires less application of force. To avoid this situation will help the nipple with a small hole.