In any case, do not enter in conflict with the child, perhaps in his heart he is experiencing no less than yours. Do not immediately panic. In most institutions, the rule of recovery on the course. Contact the Dean's office and ask in detail about these rules. As practice shows, if the student is expelled from the first course, then most likely, you will have to apply again.

If the expulsion takes place from the second year and above, is likely to recover on the same course, which was expelled by your child. In the case when your child graduated 3 years and then expelled from the University, you are entitled to receive a certificate of incomplete higher education. Of course, this document does not imply qualification. Getting a certificate and in the absence of a child's desire to recover on the course, offer him another school, perhaps a change of scenery will have a positive impact on making the final decision – to continue studying or not. With the change of the University may be issued a transfer.

It is not necessary every day to remind the child about his bad experience, talk to him on the subject once, try to control your emotions – grunting, swearing and screaming is not the best option, the child can become isolated and miss out on all deaf ears. Much more useful will be the dialogue with the clarification of the causes of the incident. If you can't talk once, it is not necessary to return to the dialogue several times a day. Explain to your child that sooner or later you will have to talk and decide on further action.