If you consider his dismissal illegal and want to challenge it you have a month from the time you received the work book with a record or the order about dismissal at the hands. If you for a valid reason, missed the deadline, in this case, you need to write a letter of reinstatement of service. The worker in appealing the dismissal in the court shall be exempt from the payment of fees and court costs.
Determine what kind of claims you can submit to the employer:- to restore you to the position;- to pay wage arrears and compensation for forced absence; - change the record about dismissal in the workbook;- compensation for moral damages.
Prepare all the necessary documents and make certified copies thereof: - employment contract; - the work book with all registered records employment and termination; - the salary certificate.If you have other documents proving your employment relationship with the employer, or the incompetence of the dismissal, apply them. If you have no documents on hand, please contact the court asking them to claim.
Select, in any Federal court (district court) of General jurisdiction, you can appeal the decision. Can apply at their place of registration or at the location of the employer.
Make a claim, which specify the following:- the name of the court which apply;- your data;- data of the organization from which you fired;- the circumstances of your dismissal;- claims and demands to the employer;- list of attached documents.
Try to settle all disputes with the employer by peaceful means before filing a claim in court. Make a written complaint that clearly and correctly describe all the requirements (in two copies). One copy direct to the employer, another copy, with a mark of the head, attach to the claim. There are situations in which a complaint is the only document confirming the employment relationship.