You will need
  • - The Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • - the law "On education";
  • - medical certificate about state of health;
  • - to the Prosecutor.
Please note that testing, as practiced in schools without regard to the consent of students and their parents, is prohibited by the Russian Constitution and the International Conventions on slavery and forced and compulsory labor work.
If you do not want or are not able to work, refer to the RF law "On education", paragraph 14 of article 50 of 27.12.2009. It is called "the Rights and social support of pupils and students" and establishes a ban on the involvement of pupils and students of civil educational institutions without their consent or the consent of their parents to work, which is not provided for the educational program.
Please note and item 16 of article 50 of the aforementioned law. It says that students and pupils of educational institutions of the civilian type have the right freely to attend events that are not covered in the curriculum.
From the above laws and regulations, we can conclude that the school may not force you to work. This is possible only if practice as specified in the educational program of any subject, for example, in biology, carry out work on the school grounds. But labor practice, as a rule, in modern times is not included in the regulations of educational institutions.
If you are threatened with liability for failing to appear for testing, refer to the above laws. Ask the supervisor to show documents requiring students to pass tests. If the school administration did take any measures for avoiding work, for example, fine, make a complaint to the Prosecutor. Focus on forced labour and illegal accountability.
If you require monetary compensation as an alternative for unearned summer internship, ask will give you a document confirming made payment. It then can be used as a weighty argument when making a complaint.