You will need
  • A4 paper, pen, documents, the seal of the organization, cancel the document.
The officer writes the name of the first person of the company a memo with the request to cancel the document or individual item by specifying its number, date, name and reason you must perform this action, puts his signature by writing the surname, name, patronymic, position. The note serves as a basis for the issuance of the order cancellation.
As in any other order, the order cancellation email a full and abbreviated name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents, the surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the firm is a sole proprietorship.
In capital letters write the title of the document - the order, assign the personnel number and date of publication.
Specify, the cancellation of a document you issue an order, enter its number, date of preparation and name.
Write the reason for which the document is cancelled or changes are made in a separate paragraph.
In the administrative part, after the word "order", fill the necessary items. If you issue orders cancelling the document, which has not yet entered into force, write, cancel it by typing in its number, date and name. When canceling a document is valid, then write what you recognize it as invalid, specifying its number, date and title. If you cancel, the document is not completely, but only its separate paragraph, write that it amends, put its number, date and title. Specify the paragraph number and write the new edition. The second point of order on amendments to the document will be declared invalid. In the last paragraph of the order for cancellation of the document put the control over its execution to the responsible person, enter his surname, name, patronymic, title of the structural unit, in which the decorated officer.
The basis of the order is a memo, in which is prescribed the cause of cancellation of the document or individual item. Specify the date of its writing.
The order for cancellation of the document or individual item is signed by the head of the company, stating the position title, surname and initials, sealed by the organization.