You will need
  • - personal computer (the phone) with access to the Internet;
  • - registration on the website.
By registering on the website, if necessary, the user may at any time edit profile and change your username and / or password. The more that the user account used to log in to your account, we recommend that from time to time to change their own user security website. This procedure will allow you to create a kind of profile protection from burglars.
Almost all the edits from the section "Settings". Go to him and act according to circumstances. Choose the desired item and make the appropriate changes.
In addition, to prove that you are the user of a specific account, you may need to answer your security question and specify the phone number attached to the page. In this case, the mobile will come sms with a code of letters and numbers that you specify in the next window. And only after that you can enter a new password option.
Similarly, the replacement of the login is done in other social networks, except "Vkontakte". Here this function is not provided, as in most cases used to login to the site login is part of the mailbox name. So here alternatively, you can use the replacement'. Select this option in the settings and wait for confirmation of the operation.
To change the password on the home page, select "Forgot password?". Click the link and follow the prompts. As a rule, to start you will need to enter your username or e-mail. Then enter code from the image, this procedure is rather common.
If the social network you want to change other information in your profile go to "Edit settings" and then to the subsection "Personal data". On some sites, information about the user can be corrected by clicking the link that says "Edit my page".