Change of metabolism with age

After 25 years, the metabolism gradually slows down, however this does not mean that everything is so terrible. About every 10 years it slowed down by 5-10%. While everyone is individually, so some begin to recover sooner, others later, and the rest stay slim the rest of your life.

Most of the problem with obesity starts felt most acutely after the age of 40, after this age, the metabolism slows down by 25%, that is four times what the fat trapped in the body, they burn much slower than before. However, the slower metabolism is not a given, from which it is impossible to get rid of. To metabolism after 40 remained normal, you need to constantly do sports, be active and most active.

Restoration of metabolism

The body is a lot of changes and not always for the better. The process by which the body recovers is called the normalization of metabolism. That is trapped in the body products disintegrate into substances necessary for normal functioning.

Obesity is due to the fact that people consume too many calories. To lose weight, it is necessary to normalize the metabolism and to decrease the number of calories that enter the body. However, a person leading an active lifestyle, should consume slightly more calories than a passive personality.

To make the process of metabolism is completed successfully, you must do the following:

1. To build muscle mass. However, one should strive to have muscles like bodybuilders. It is important to obtain the motivation to exercise brought also a treat. To train regularly and several approaches at once.

2. To sleep. If a person does not sleep, he constantly feels tired, with the result that he observed the stress that it is binding. Normal sleep should last at least 8 hours. It is desirable that the man went about 22 o'clock in the evening and Wake up no later than 6 o'clock in the morning.

3. Eat often but not a lot. Food should be correct. You need to reduce the amount of fatty foods, but to refuse it is not necessary.

Many people find easier way – use of traditional methods. However, tricks like that will help.