You will need
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - chamomile flowers;
  • grass Helichrysum;
  • - birch buds;
  • - med;
  • - centaury;
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - walnut leaves;
  • - leaves and shoots of blueberry.
To improve metabolism prepare a herbal infusion. Grind 100 grams of Hypericum, chamomile flowers, grass, immortelle and birch buds, mix and put in glass container. In the evening pour a tablespoon of the herbal tea with half liter of boiling water, cover and steep for 20 minutes. After a time, strain through cheesecloth or cloth press. Pour cooked medium and add a teaspoon of honey, stir, drink before bedtime. In the morning, drink the remaining part of the infusion with honey after heating. Breakfast can be enjoyed in an hour. Use the grass as long as it is not over. This recipe not only boosts metabolism, but also boosts immunity, cleanses the body of toxins, is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.
The following recipe normalizes metabolism and neutralizes acidity of gastric juice. Mix 100 grams of chopped herbs centaury umbrella and 50 grams of flowers of St. John's wort. Pour 4 tablespoons of herbal mixture a half a liter of boiling water, insist in a thermos or tightly closed and wrapped utensils for three hours. Strain and drink prepared for the day (four or five visits).
Copes with the improved metabolism the infusion made from the leaves of a walnut. Pour two teaspoons of crushed leaves of walnut Cup of boiling water, tightly close the bowl and cover with a towel, leave for an hour. After that, strain the infusion and drink half a Cup four times a day (preferably half an hour before meals).
Blueberries cleanses the blood vessels and improves the metabolism in the body. Tablespoon young leaves and shoots of blueberry pour a glass of boiling water, put on fire and bring to a boil, cook for ten minutes. Then let cool and carefully strain the broth. Take one tablespoon half an hour before meal three times a day. Do not exceed the stated dose, drink tea with blueberries for twelve days. Repeat the course twice a year. With the same purpose, it is recommended to eat daily for 100 grams of fresh berries of blueberry in the season.