It depends on several things. First and foremost, it is a slow metabolism. This leads to the fact that energy consumption is slower fat simply do not have time to burn out and deposited in all problem areas.

With the onset of adulthood, there is a need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For example, the hair and nails stay healthy, you need calcium and to maintain normal and strengthen the blood vessels - vitamin C. Therefore, the lack of receipt of a vitamin affects the health and, as a result, the external appearance and shape.

Stress. Unhealthy lifestyle leads to the fact that with age, there are various diseases which also affect the appearance.

Water. With age the body's cells can't retain water, it causes dehydration, which also affects the body.

Change of a hormonal background. It is known that hormones influence metabolism and weight.

Before you radically change your figure, you should know about the mistakes made by dieters women.

Sharp restriction in food. This gives the opposite result of the desired effect. Rejection of some products can shake the health. Limiting themselves, the body is under stress, and starts to lay in reserve, thereby increasing the cm where it was planned to reduce them.

A quick diet. This diet is calculated on rapid weight loss, but be aware that volume loss can cause skin to SAG and become flabby.

Sport. Many believe that a sport only suited for the young, but don't abandon it, it will help to strengthen the muscles and tighten the figure.

Ignoring the cholesterol and fats. Fats play an important role in the development of female hormones. Full disclaimer or limitation may lead to early menopause. It is preferable to eat vegetable fats.

Special attention is paid to the weight loss diet. Need to reduce your calorie intake and make a variety of their menu. Be sure to include in your diet foods such as: lean meats, fish, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Portions need to be reduced and try not to overeat.

Steamed, boiled dishes will be much more useful than fried. Last meal 3 hours before bedtime. And it is clear that soda, fast food restaurants are excluded once and for all.

Hiking, workout in the fresh air and attitude for success will make the figure slim and attractive.