You will need
  • - fractional power
  • - correct food
  • - dense lunch
  • - physical activity
  • products for metabolism
  • - a healthy and restful sleep
While eating every 2-3 hours, the body is quicker to digest, which will significantly accelerate the metabolism and burning fat. If you make big breaks between meals, there is the opposite effect. The body will be afraid of "stay hungry" and begin to stock up on fat, which in the future will be pretty easy to get rid of.
Despite the rapid metabolism, get rid of excess weight will be difficult, if you constantly eat high-calorie foods. In order for the body to work correctly required a full meal, for example, a Cup of vegetable soup or salad with a slice of boiled fish or chicken and so on. If good food is not possible, you can eat fruit, yogurt or bread.
Diet for weight loss for disorders of metabolism based on the principles of fractional power, but nonetheless, once a day, it is still necessary to arrange dense meal, to be held from 12.00 to 14.00. All body processes slow down at night, so if junk food is eaten late, she may simply not be absorbed.
Before solid meals is better to take a little walk - it helps to increase the intensity of the digestive organs. But after a meal it is better not to show any activity, otherwise you may face indigestion or severe diseases of the intestine.
To unsubscribe impaired metabolism need from hot spices and carbonated soft drinks. But for products that will promote weight loss include fruits and vegetables (especially apples and oranges), legumes, oatmeal, nuts, seeds, skim milk, cheese, cheese, fish and chicken.
Prolonged lack of sleep significantly reduces calorie consumption, with the result that the body even the "right" products can be used for accumulation of fat reserves. That is why it is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours per day.