The fact that the body begins to adapt to the conditions created by him. For normal operation he will begin to miss small amounts of food, which is consumed to maintain energy, although, in fact, it requires a lot more calories. Therefore, in order to accelerate the metabolism and to start losing weight regardless of amount eaten calories should be in the beginning to calculate their intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as well as calories. It's all individual, like height, weight and girths are different.

Next you need to learn how to paint your daily diet so that whenever the consumption of food the body receives the necessary nutrients. The norm is to eat every 2-3 hours in small quantities.

The third point: the water - man's best friend. All remember from school course that the man is 80% water. And Yes, water plays a huge role in the life of our body, it helps to remove harmful toxins and also to lose weight. Fluid intake should be 2 liters per day, not less. Juices, coffee, tea do not count. Water and only water.

Fourth item: do not forget about physical activity. Accustomed every morning to do simple exercises in order to Wake up and give body to begin to function fully. It is proved that ten minutes of warm-up in the morning to give energy for the whole day.

And the fifth paragraph: sleep is the best panacea for all ills. It is no secret that due to lack of sleep you can start to get better, so that healthy sleep should always be present in a person's life.

These simple tips will help to accelerate the metabolism for weight loss and keep the body in excellent tone!