"Extended care"

Elongated four of a kind - original and modern hair style. Suitable for medium length hair and shoulder length. You can do elongate the caret over the entire length or the caret with elongated front strands. Before cutting, the hair should be wet and slightly dried, and then divided into 4 zones. This is done using the horizontal and vertical parting. Each strand may be slaughtered, that they did not mix. After this you need to specify the length of the caret: to separate from the neck hair comb and shave. You should also shave and the rest of the strands. The stretching angle is 15 degrees. Temporal strands cut in the last turn. Lengthening is usually done on the face. The strand above the ear should be the longest. After the haircut, be sure to trim the ends. Elongated caret also admits the torn strands, which give the face youth.

"Care angle"

This haircut is sometimes called a kind of square with a elongation: short hair cut out back and front are longer. Haircut looks equally good with straight and oblique parting. Caret angle visually stretches the face, so perfectly suited to owners of round face type. Very popular is the haircut called "asymmetrical Bob". It visually corrects the square face. Caret angle is a great choice for girls and women who want to impress everyone with its unusual look.

Graduated four of a kind"

Technology perform this haircut - "strand by strand". The first strand necesite along the hairline on the neck and cut. This is the test length. All other strands accesibile through a 1 cm horizontal parting. Then, proceed to the temporal strands, also separated by a horizontal parting. Working with the temples, the hair from his forehead to his crown kill. After you clear this area, thesite on the face of the lock and determine the line of cut. Average length: 6-8 cm In frontal-parietal area hair lift to the already shorn strands and cut at their level. In the course of performing haircuts don't retract the hair. From the upper zone to the rest of the hair should be a smooth transition: so it turns out graduations. The line of cut at the end of the haircut, trim and make sure to thinning straight scissors. The result is a ladder of ever-lengthening strands. Graduated caret is very popular because of the simplicity and ease of installation.

"Caret with bangs"

This haircut allows you to correct imperfections. Oblique Bang is more suitable for oval and round faces. If you have a triangular or square face, it is better to opt for straight bangs. The hair can be curly or straight, but they must be thick. After all, some of them will go Bang. In this case the caret should not look runny. Among the celebrities who prefer the caret with bangs, Paris Hilton, Jamie Presley, Rachel Taylor, Katie Holmes, and many others.

"The caret on the leg"

The caret on the leg form can be compared with the pileus. It is believed that the technology of this haircut is not difficult, but requires a specific Barber training. The caret on the leg is best suited for oval or triangular face type. Hair type can be anything. It is noteworthy that most choose this hairstyle brunettes. Among the stars who prefer the caret on the leg - Rihanna, Alicia keys, Victoria Beckham and Lera Kudryavtseva. Graceful and long neck - a prerequisite, because the haircut emphasizes it.