You will need
  • Foam for hair;
  • mousse;
  • - Lac;
  • - comb with teeth;
  • - round the comb;
  • - curlers.
To put the regrown hair, in particular, the caret, you can use several simple to implement ways. To start, roll the hair so as to obtain the harnesses, and then divide them into three parts. The middle part of the collect in the tail, and then to the beam. Side paddlelite around the head and tighten them over the beam. Fasten the braids with pins.
Regrown quads can be laid with the help of curlers. This is perfect for a festive event, when time to create a hairstyle is very small. Wash your hair, lightly dry and apply a small amount of mousse. Screw locks in curlers and dry them with a hair dryer. Hair should be dry. It will take about 15-20 minutes, after which gently remove the rollers and with your hands divide the strands, starting to move his head. Beautiful stacked curls, secure them with varnish.
On the regrown quads looks nice side parting. This presentation does not take much time and you can use it every day. Apply to freshly washed hair mousse, and then dry them with a hair dryer. Swipe side parting using a comb with teeth, and divide the hair. After that, most of safesite behind the ears, and leave less free to lie on top of them. Secure the hair lacquer, so it will last much longer.
If you have enough time for laying, and you need to look your best, use the Express installation regrown quads. The creation of hair it will take a maximum of 15 minutes. To make it, apply to slightly wet hair volume foam. Blow dry the hair with her head down, not forgetting to whip them with the hand. Then raise your head and straighten strands. Secure the hair lacquer.
On the regrown hair looks great blow - "care back". This method can be used to create not only daily, but also a festive hairstyle. To do this, apply to wet, clean hair foam. Then through a round brush and blow-dry curls for one small strand. The dried hair immediately pick it up more in ago. Correct with their hands that they lay neatly and then secure the hair lacquer.