First graduated caret with elongation showed Victoria Beckham. It happened in 2008. And in two years this hairstyle has conquered Hollywood. It can be seen from Paris Hilton, Sandra Beams and many other celebrities. But for Russian girls graduated caret is associated exclusively with the image of Ksenia Borodina. To do this haircut is quite easy, but you need to remember that it requires constant styling.

Graduated four of a kind: the stages of a haircut

Graduated caret is perfect the girls face which has a rectangular or oval shape. Haircut can vary in length from chin to shoulders. Is the square perfectly corrects this defect, as a short neck.

To make the haircut like Ksenia Borodina, the first thing you need to wash your hair and lightly dry them. After that head needs to be tilted forward and comb in the direction of their growth. The next step back of the hair is divided into five parts across the top of the head and secured with Bobby pins clips. The top of the hair is divided in the middle.

To cut the curls should start from the edge of the hair, moving from the first graduated level, located on the back of the head, to the sides. Make sure to make the hair on the sides remained longer than at the back.

Now go back to back and begin to create graded levels. Each strand should be cut at an angle, moving upward. Graded level must end at the occipital bone.

After shearing removed the pins and trimmed all the excess hairs that are not on a par with the others. The hair on both sides of the head should be the same length.

Laying graded caret

A distinct advantage graduated caret is that styling it can be very diverse. The hair can be curled or simply apply a mousse to add volume.

To perform a stacking penalty, as does Ksenia Borodina, will need a Hairdryer, cream with a smoothing effect and 10 minutes of free time. On damp just washed hair and applied the cream, after which they are dried with a hair dryer and brush. Air direction should be from top to bottom. Graduated caret looks great, shiny head of hair but because the hair at the end of installation, it is recommended to spray with spray with glitter effect.