The chance to return the stolen laptop is significantly higher if you took care of this situation in advance and put in one of the so-called "spyware" programs. One of them is widely known TeamViewer. With the help of this application, running it from another computer, you can configure remote connection with a stolen laptop. After examining the features of the program you will be able, for example, to see what actions were performed by the computer, the attacker – which ran programs or Internet sites. If you are lucky, you can even run a web Cam and shoot the hapless thief.
Another effective program for tracking a stolen laptop is Prey. After you install this app it will be transparent to users to collect a variety of information about the system and active connections and transfer them to a custom server. Then you will be able to need to calculate the thief's information and pass it on to law enforcement.
Contact your Internet service provider. Maybe the attacker tries to use the network connection, installed on your computer. In this case, the provider may provide information about time and place all connections on the IP address of the laptop, which again will help you to find your stolen device with the help of law enforcement.
If none of the proposed measures do not help or does not fit you, just contact the police as soon as possible and write a statement about the theft of personal property with the exact model of the laptop, the time and place of the theft, will the attacker, possible suspects, etc. law enforcement agencies have their own channels of communication and methods of action in such situations and, fortunately, at present, such crimes are successfully revealed.