Sentimentality can be called a special kind of pity, which is characterized by identification with a dysfunctional object. Sentimental people are experiencing bouts such pity while watching a movie or reading a book where someone bad. Such experiences are usually very sharp and bright. If you try to compare the sentiment with the usual pity, you could say that sentimentality is more like a sudden pang of pain, and the usual pity — on chronic disease.
At the time of attack of sentimentality putting yourself in the place of the hero of the film, beginning to feel and think like him. Sentimentality is a passive experience, because she encourages people to do something, it can be called a way to experience something new, unknown, unusual. It should be noted that a sentimental person can be cruel, rude or even evil. After all, his sentimentality can manifest in rare moments of particular emotional state, we can hardly find a person who is constantly in a state of sentimentality.
Excessive sentimentality rather negatively affects a person's life, as she breaks contact with the world of emotions. Due to some repetitive, provoking outbursts of sentimentality events person with a similar problem have to suppress their emotions, which ultimately can lead to diseases, nervous breakdowns, uncontrolled tears and tantrums.
In a sense, the sentiment can be considered one of the varieties of hypersensitivity, where the slightest emotion can be very strong to change the mood. Sentimental people can start crying at the most insignificant occasions. This is undoubtedly one of the properties of human nature that you just make. Unfortunately, many people find sentimentality a sign of weakness and generally useless feature. There are some better ways to control such manifestations.
To get rid of excess sentimentality, you can perform simple exercises. In his spare time is short enough to concentrate on their experiences in trying to understand all the fine shades and nuances of their own emotions. Such moments of concentration will remove the need for strong outbursts of emotions, besides, will allow to better control them. To do these exercises you need for a long time, then they will give consistent results.