Pragmatism is not only a personal benefit of the environment and prevailing conditions, but also the ability to set specific goals in life, ideas and finding rational ways of their implementation. Important feature of pragmatism is the ability to rank their priorities, choose the most important and consistently implement them. Pragmatism is akin to enterprise, and both of these credo are often criticized by public morality. Sorry I get a little" - a statement that has become almost folk wisdom, but this approach brings up a weak and inert people, not seeking the best. Pragmatic man himself becomes the master of his fate, he builds his system of beliefs and principles for early producing practically useful results. The main law of pragmatism – not to take the next step until you completed the previous one. Only high-quality implementation of each gives you the opportunity to move forward to the target. To cultivate pragmatic thinking, try to think about your goals and the planned business. Don't be afraid to drop non-urgent and unimportant - they only hinder you on the path to success. Learn how to make plans even for the distant future: here you can use any, even the most fantastic ideas and amazing dreams, but they will help you to understand what it is you want to achieve. To learn how to think strategically, write a list of your dreams, half-forgotten, unfulfilled, but still not irrelevant. Then select one of these ideas and make a plan for its implementation.1. What material resources you need to achieve it?2. What kind of people can help you in realization?3. What obstacles will be waiting for you on the way to the goal? Consider ways of overcoming them.4. What skills do you need to have to realize the dream?Thus, you clearly brought the practical task is broken down into small steps that you will need to consistently implement. But remember that according to the "Golden" rule of pragmatism, any efforts invested have to pay the relevant dividends.