Like for advantages or disadvantages?

Love a person not because he is handsome, smart, talented, earns well and has no bad habits. Like just because he is in the world. The one who falls in love with someone's dignity at risk of becoming a victim of frustration. Because in the early stage of love, people tend to idealize their partner. Quite another if a man sees his flaws, but continues to love even for them.

A great mutual love, when people live for each other, and each tries to make his beloved happy. However, often it happens that one partner loves and the other only allows himself to love. Of course, one of them selfish, but he who loves truly, is able to forgive everything and be happy only to her, even unrequited feeling.

Often sympathy is born, if people become interested to communicate with each other. But when they truly loved, they feel good even just be silent together. Love is born not during the frantic passion of the nights, and during the calm, leisurely walking, when people just hold each other's hand.

Sometimes very young girls cynically argue that one love will not live, you need to find a wealthy man, firmly standing on my feet. However, when it comes a real sense, it is not important how much money does he have the opportunity to bring armfuls of flowers and led his darling to fancy restaurants.

Than love different from passion?

People sometimes confuse true love and sudden a passion, although to distinguish between them quite easily. When you truly love the person, first of all, I want him to be happy, even with someone else. And an indispensable desire to possess is strong, but fleeting passion.

Passion is most often caused by external attractiveness, but because people can get seriously ill, get into an accident and even just start to get old. Then the flash of passion will quickly fade away, and whoever is still healthy and good, will find a new object.

There are many people, which can feel good when in life there is no problem. If the door knocks trouble, you need to close was a loving and reliable man who will never betray and will help to overcome any difficulties.

Each person needs to be someone who loves and accepts him as he is. Then he will feel protected from any of life's adversities and shocks.