Habit a lot of thinking often stems from the fact that people pay attention to small at the moment things. Whenever you notice that you start or think about, ask yourself is it worth it to pay attention to it now, is it important in the coming weeks or even years. This will help you stop wasting time and focus on the really important things.
Limit the time of decision-making. If you delay any action, thinking it may last quite a long time. Whenever you need to get down to business, you'll consider coming action from different angles, constantly evaluating them and their effects. To avoid this, discipline yourself to take the reflections for a limited time, after which you will proceed. No matter how much substantial will be your steps, it is important not to stand still and move forward.
A common cause of habit a lot of thinking is the desire to control everything. People are afraid to fail and to fail. However, this behavior is totally unreasonable. Accept that you can't keep track of everything that happens. Mistakes are an integral part of life of any person, make them all. Learn to take their mistakes and failures as a chance to become better, they can make an invaluable contribution to your development. Drop the attempts to calculate all possible variants of development of events is impossible.
The lack of communication and prolonged inactivity can cause a person to immerse themselves in their thoughts. Be active, replace long-term thinking. The more you talk to your friends and family, the less you will have time to think about anything. Try to escape from your daily routine, change your environment, attend some events, do some sport, do anything that can distract you.
Think about this your life, live now. Stop given memories and dream about the distant future. To do this many is not just that such thoughts often occur unnoticed. Whenever you notice that a lot of thinking about the past or future, tell yourself "Stop!", look around you and fully focus on current Affairs.
Very important role played by the environment in which you are. If the people you meet, movies you see or books you read make you plunge into a deep meditation, think, perhaps, it's time to change that. Try to make the environment in which you are not pressured you and forced a lot of thinking.