The man who loves himself and takes care of himself daily, is a state of harmony, he is most happy and effective in their work. But is it possible to love myself, and others – not? The joke is that it is impossible. The one who is addressed only to yourself, but to turn away from others, does not know true love and will not be happy. Therefore, it is important to understand that thinking only about yourself will not work, but it is important about myself to think in the first place.
To start, stand before a mirror and examine your reflection. Connect with your personality, conduct hands on the body, poverties different parties. Look yourself in the eye, watch the facial expressions. It is important that you periodically so familiar with them, because people cease to think about yourself when losing a connection when he forgets what it looks like, what his eyes, how he shows and feels. He looks at himself only through the eyes of others, and it is wrong.
The second exercise consists in acquaintance with him, only the object of attention becomes your consciousness. Close your eyes, relax, make breathing. Feel how the air enters your lungs and then leaves them. Feel your body, feel its integrity, strength and importance.
You always think about yourself and your goals, if you start the habit of daily journaling, writing down your thoughts and feelings, and that you were able to do what you want to accomplish. In addition, once a week summing up the results, put a plus in front of what you have done and write a new plan of tasks for the week. These tasks will be your main engine of life.
Take care of yourself, watch your body, do sport, choose the right food. If you make it a habit that will benefit you and your health, no feast, no friends and family will not be able to persuade you to their side, because in the first place you think of yourself and be guided only by personal choice.
Sign up for a single dance. This is a terrific method to find and strengthen the connection with your body, mind and soul. In dance, the main task is thinking only about himself and music. It may be a strip of plastic or improvisation, but only the dance, where everything depends on you where you will be able to fully experience yourself and your body. It is valuable as it is important to maintain in normal life.
When you are asked about something, look at it not only as a unilateral assistance, where you are only being used as a weapon. Find the good in any situation, ask for something in return or develop thanks to the performed case some skill. In this case, you will not turn away from the world and be known as selfish, and thus fully able to implement its interests.