Remember the good moments that occurred and are occurring in my life. You may not notice them or prefer not to pay attention to small joys, but that doesn't mean they don't happen to you almost every day. Maybe you have read a new book, did a really good photo of your child or hear a compliment from a stranger to you man? Agree to think about good much nicer than about unpaid bills or missed opportunities.
Do not regret about what happened to you in the past. Even if it happened yesterday, in any case, it is history. The past is valuable only because it is based in the present you become the way you are. If you feel the need to correct the error, then make again. If not stop losing bad situation in my head and let her go. Otherwise it is as annoying wasp, will prevent you to focus on what's important right now, and will try to sting you again and again.
Negative thoughts hinder any development, because when sad or irritable mood did not go well. Perhaps you yourself are aware that the thoughts that disturb you, in fact, not so huge and terrible. Then ask yourself just one question: "would it Be so important to me in five years?" Agree, in most cases, instead of replying on your lips appear faint smile.
Don't just sit there. To distract from bad thoughts, to take another step towards your goal, your favorite hobby, go there, where never was, play with baby, do some sports or just sleep. If you're not doing anything else, your restless thoughts, like cockroaches, will come running to the head, and will not give peace. And the satisfaction from enjoyable activities give positive emotions, which will give a good mood and new ideas.