To get rid of bad thoughts, you need to change your mind, reprogram it for good. If bad thoughts are about your future, then determine itself the end goal that scares you so much and break his life up to the moment when she will be there, on time intervals – stages. Each stage you have to live with optimum comfort. Take the first step, then the second, you will begin to understand that they are not contained with their own negative emotions and feelings. Move on. You do not, you win your own bad thoughts. You will reach the goal, and your misgivings are not justified.
Do not try to banish the bad thoughts. Boldly meet them and begin to analyze where they came from and what is behind them. Think about why you're so afraid and what triggers your fear, he may come back from childhood. Try to clean themselves of negative emotions that you evoke your bad thoughts. Leave in the mind only in the event that you do not like, but to revise it. At least try to be indifferent, or even better, use your sense of humor and turn your fear into a joke.
From the bad thoughts very effectively relieve optimistic affirmations, that is life-affirming optimistic statements, spoken aloud. They can even be written in the form of slogans and hang in sight, and also decompose in the places where you will be able to see suddenly. Periodically, the slogans can be changed. The brain responds to such calls, even if you don't realize it.
Communicate with positive people. As a rule, those who will never refuse to share their positivity with others and to recharge his good energy. Stay a little vampire to after some time to recover from bad thoughts and to become a donor optimism.