Force stop your inner monologue - the problem is not the easiest. The main action here is simple instruction – don't think. The question is how to ensure that not to think. Many can not do it, and just do not understand how to stop this process of deliberation. Try not to think and not to follow the thoughts that are in your head. Wherever you go, practice "neumania". But there is a caveat. Don't suppress your thoughts will. It will not lead to good results, besides you have lost the desire to practice.
In order not to suppress the will of their thoughts, to distract. Once you begin to practice the distraction from the thoughts, the demand for them will begin to disappear. Allow yourself to fully dive in. Performing any task or business, try to concentrate on it. The concentration will allow for greater attention to certain activities, the achievement of which you need. This extraneous thoughts go away, because your brain deems them unnecessary at this point. Even just walking down the street, you will concentrate on your breathing, your inner monologue will immediately stop unnecessary.
One way to stop thoughts is yoga. Practicing asanas (postures) in yoga, you will have to focus only on them. Performing repetitive motion and staying in them for a certain time, your thoughts will disappear. Yoga also includes breathing techniques which will also help you in stopping your thoughts.