Let's consider some specific, highly exciting situation. Analyze what are the reasons you are experiencing, what are you afraid of? Something goes wrong and you get a negative result? Now try to look at this situation without emotion, aloof, eyes not interested in her observer. Imagine what happens the worst possible and ask yourself the question: what difference would it make? Someone will die or get really sick? The world will cease to exist? Understand that often people wound up over nothing, worrying where you can't do it.
Try at least once to let it go. Go with the flow, say to yourself something like: "how could it be, so be it, I don't care", off their giperatidnosti. Don't think about what result you get. Remember that no one can clearly predict the situation, to predict the result by 100%.
Consider the fact that you can't be responsible for everything. Give other people the possibility of independent action, do not consider yourself smarter than everyone else. If you want to give someone another valuable indication, especially, think it really needs it man, why he can't cope on their own, without your tips?
If you have the habit to control the actions of people because of doubts about their abilities that it is normal to do, think about how, not too high is your bar for others? Perhaps you are too picky and thus trying to humiliate the man, to vent it all your negativity, bad mood? Remember: most people do not like to be always under your close supervision.
Please note that excessive control of many people associated with distrust of him. So try to consider other people's interests and feelings before once again prove himself as the inspector.
Correlate the goals with your capabilities. Do not go for excessive for your goals and do not overload them other people. Also refrain from the habit of shifting on to somebody your liabilities with the subsequent rigid control over their implementation.
Often be distracted by enjoyable things to do, learn positive Outlook, believe in a good result in the positive outcome of any case. This does not have to constantly monitor the whole process, enough to know that you did everything you could to ensure that all was well.